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  1. Previous I'd run the same invocation of pytest that tox is doing, to run the whole test suite, and also just for one test. Both times I seem to have gotten the collection of tests but not a report of the results (as I generally see when I run pytest). So I tried running it with the standard \python36 instance instead of one tox had copied in, but some command line otherwise.
  7. (c:\python36) C:\Users\reed9\PycharmProjects\qutebrowser>C:\\Users\\reed9\\PycharmProjects\\qutebrowser\\.tox\\py36\\Scripts\\python -bb -m pytest tests\unit\utils\
  8. ============================= test session starts =============================
  9. platform win32 -- Python 3.6.2, pytest-3.1.3, py-1.4.34, pluggy-0.4.0
  10. PyQt5 5.6 -- Qt runtime 5.6.2 -- Qt compiled 5.6.2
  11. benchmark: 3.1.1 (defaults: timer=time.perf_counter disable_gc=False min_rounds=5 min_time=0.000005 max_time=1.0 calibration_precision=10 warmup=False warmup_iterations=100000)
  12. rootdir: C:\Users\reed9\PycharmProjects\qutebrowser, inifile: pytest.ini
  13. plugins: xvfb-1.0.0, travis-fold-1.2.0, rerunfailures-2.2, repeat-0.4.1, qt-2.1.2, mock-1.6.2, instafail-0.3.0, faulthandler-1.3.1, cov-2.5.1, catchlog-1.2.2, benchmark-3.1.1, bdd-2.18.2, hypothesis-3.14.0
  14. collected 41 items
  16. tests\unit\utils\
  17. (c:\python36) C:\Users\reed9\PycharmProjects\qutebrowser>