Farewell, p.cmpl.cc / paste.the-compiler.org

After more than a decade and >2500 pastes, my personal pastebin is no more. Various factors have lead to this decision:

It's not without irony that I self-hosted this pastebin because I was fed up with content disappearing in other pastebins (usually by the entire pastebin disappearing, due to reasons similar to the above). I'm proud it did run for a decade, but now it's time to say goodbye.

Consider using bpaste instead, which is open-source and well maintained, has an even cooler URL, and is run by a trusted Python community member (supakeen).

If you came here via a paste link: If you think the contents are still relevant, please contact me. I might be able to dig it out of the database backup for you, or even host it here persistently if I see a reason to.