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  1. ╰─╼ git br
  2.   aspectratio                3b855e6 Apply aspect ratio patch by David Barton
  3.   autosave                   a49a67b Apply autosave patch by Timo Kluck
  4.   autotools                  966f418 [xournal/autotools] s/ in AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR
  5.   background_resize          f55fec3 Apply background resize patch by Denis Aroux
  6.   bookmark                   b514f2c Add bookmark patch by tanyeun
  7.   colors                     20a3047 Apply dynamic color patch by David Rasmus Piegdon
  8.   commandline                0276ee1 Handle file opening with no params corrently
  9.   doxygen                    8b717d2 Add doxygen documentation (patch by Kit Barnes)
  10.   esave                      b66481e Merge emergency save patch by gi1242
  11.   font                       f501558 Apply font sizing patch by Simon Guest
  12.   g_basename                 bf49a9d Update deprecated g_basename()
  13.   gtkrecent                  60c3fed Apply patch by Timo Kluck
  14.   install-windows            c924800 Add windows installation instructions
  15.   marginpaper                0d2c9dc Apply margin paper style patch by dsokus
  16. * master                     fbfaf7a [xournal/master: ahead 12] Regenerate mkinstalldirs
  17.   page_jump                  7ff3c75 Add next notable page patch by Artis Rozentāls
  18.   prevnext                   8048ac4 Implement next/prev file functionality.
  19.   quadpaper                  f85a410 Apply quad paper style patch by Neal Holtz
  20.   smart_eraser               b680079 Apply smart eraser patch by Thomas Jaeger
  21.   spell                      6bbce52 Check for aspell in
  22.   svgexport                  73d7f9a Apply SVG/PNG export patch by aiwarrior
  23.   tinyimprovments            5de188a Apply non-fixed size buffer patch by Timo Kluck
  24.   touch                      640f64e Apply patch by anonymous
  25.   touch_select               4da961f Select rectangle via touch input (by Kit Barnes)
  26.   uimod                      35a5367 Apply new UI patch by Timo Kluck
  27.   windows_xinput             1aeb889 Fix fullscreen on win32 with multi monitor setup
  28.   remotes/dmgerman/for-denis 2f27090 Rats, when I was "fixing" this branch I missed a change
  29.   remotes/dmgerman/master    69bdf2d Added to distinguish my branch from upstream
  30.   remotes/scholiar/bookmarks fe0f6d8 Added patch to support bookmarks. It is still work in progress
  31.   remotes/scholiar/debian    a12853c Debian package in ubuntu sources 0.4.5
  32.   remotes/scholiar/images    55ba94e Implemented saving the images separated from the journal... it needs more work. see readme
  33.   remotes/scholiar/leo       75a9656 Merged master with current branch
  34.   remotes/scholiar/master    9f0b383 Synced to Denis changes:  Fix "1.#J" bug; release 0.4.6
  35.   remotes/scholiar/multipage 6115c40 updated readme
  36.   remotes/scholiar/notes     60ff568 removed unnecessary code
  37.   remotes/scholiar/scholiar  5cf5daf Added a new icon
  38.   remotes/scholiar/search    a412e5f Merge branch 'master' into search
  39.   remotes/scholiar/stable    8776d77 Updated readme
  40.   remotes/scholiar/upstream  bc2061c add -lm linking flag--synchronizes to CVS 2012/06/29 23:57
  41.   remotes/xournal/HEAD       -> xournal/master
  42.   remotes/xournal/autotools  966f418 s/ in AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR
  43.   remotes/xournal/master     bbb24ee Patch for pencil cursor option (by Luciano Siqueira)