From anonymous, 6 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. Sorry for the confusion! That's definitely strange and unexpected, but I think I can explain the behavior.
  3. 7 days ago, peterlvilim force-pushed the peterlvilim:master branch from efad84f to 904d84d. In other words, the head branch of the pull request was reverted back to a commit which was already contained in the base branch.
  5. This by itself didn't close the pull request, but as soon as you pushed something to the base branch of the pull request (The-Compiler:master), the pull request was closed. The reason why it was closed is that the pull request didn't contain any new commits when compared to the master branch.
  7. It's definitely confusing that you were listed as the user who merged the pull request, and I'll pass that feedback to the team. Still, I just wanted to mention that making sense of situations where pull request history is rewritten using rebasing and force pushes is not easy, but it is something we want to improve in the future. Things get really strange really fast once force pushes start to happen -- it's not easy to guess why a user would revert the pull request so that it's basically empty, and not push anything new. In a way, you could consider that pull request as merged.
  9. I hope this explains things, but let us know if it doesn't or you have any other questions. And thanks for getting in touch and asking about this -- we appreciate it.