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  1. Automated crash reporting tools like Sentry or Airbrake are used by tens of
  2. thousands of software projects and companies. Existing products are designed for
  3. millions of crash reports per month and thus focused on a high level of
  4. automation. No existing solution allows for streamlined communication with the
  5. users affected by crashes.
  7. Open source projects as well as projects run by start-ups often are relatively
  8. small and therefore don't benefit from the automation features offered by those
  9. tools. However, for such projects, direct communication with users is very
  10. important, especially if issues occur. Without corresponding tools, there is a
  11. risk that developers do not know about software defects, with users switching to
  12. an alternative instead.
  14. In some open source projects, developers use emails to communicate with users
  15. after issues occur -- an approach which scales up poorly, even with only a
  16. handful of reports per day. Often, bug trackers or ticket tracking tools are
  17. used for user support, but these are not integrated well with crash reporters.
  19. In this thesis, the requirements of such smaller projects are analyzed in
  20. detail, and a new type of tool is presented: A mixture between concepts of
  21. existing crash reporters and ticket tracking software, to facilitate
  22. communication with users.