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  1. 16:33 <pysidebot> [telegram] <Shyamnath> Can you rebase this patch, and change the Pick-to to 6.4? (re @pysidebot: (gitter) j9ac9k: I don't mean to be annoying, but is there any chance I can get a review/comment on this guy?
  2. 16:33 <pysidebot> [telegram] <Shyamnath>
  3. 16:33 <pysidebot> [telegram] <Shyamnath> it's a PR to uncomment 3 lines in a sources/pyside6/PySide6/QtGui/typesystem_gui_common.xml's sat idle for 7 months, it will allow for significant drawing performance improvements in the graphics view framework for us (pyqtgraph).)