From The Compiler, 6 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. I finished the compulsory education (nine years) and am now in
  2. upper secondary education, doing an apprenticeship (3 days working, 2
  3. days in a vocational school, 4 years) as an electronical engineer. In
  4. parallel to that, I'm doing the "Berufsmatura" which seems to be
  5. called "professional baccalaureate" in English. Both of this is
  6. finished at the end of July 2013.
  8. Afterwards, I could either go work in a full-time job, attend an
  9. university of applied sciences without an entry exam or go to an
  10. university after an additional exam.
  12. I believe graduating from college is the tertiary education, thus
  13. roughly equivalent to the university of applied science. I'm not at
  14. that point yet, but hopefully will be in a few more years.