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  2. Connection to 21 port [tcp/ftp] succeeded!
  3. user:guest no pw ,sftp port990 feel free to upload your stuff
  4. - stuff, movies, music, programms, etc. only download
  5. / 205 - 2x 10G ~20TB
  6. - movies, series, ebooks and everything. Volltanken bitte!
  7. - More, movies, musik ...
  8. - filebitch: movies, series, 1.5tb flacs, some ebooks, 10GE gogogo
  9. - Movies, TV-Shows (mostly British), complete Doctor Who, music. Use "ftpuser" as username, and "ftp" as password to login. Uploads possible into the Public share. No Porn.
  10. - 12TB, HD&SD Movies (most movies german AND english, view nfo), many already with movie.nfo for xbmc.
  11. - About 10 TB of well sorted stuff
  12. - animes, stuff, 100MBit UPLOAD
  13. (IPv6: ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1091:c5c4:ac8b:d4c0:b2d0]/) >1TB music, incl. lots of drum & bass, >2TB movies, mostly rare/cult/trash/classic, 870GB series, 22GB comics, >3.6TB upload space (no mainstream stuff, please)
  14. - upload. books, movies, leaks, databases. no porn, no German language. German will be deleted. Please use HTTP for download where possible.
  15.         • RudisP0rn: upload more!
  16. our ftp server is running again and with much more capacity: